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Still iGO Neo

Project Summary

To present the new Still order picker iGo neo CX20, we launched an emotional multichannel campaign that ensured a successful world premiere.

Project video

About the Project


With the iGo neo CX20, Still has developed the most innovative product in many years. With groundbreaking technology, the neo changes everything. But there is always a controversy with autonomous machines: The problem that machines could replace humans in the long run. To address the issue, we transformed the oft-asked question "man or machine" into "man and machine" and focused the campaign on portraying the partnership between man and machine.

So to positively charge the relationship between man and machine, we used legendary and well-known relationships between man and machine such as Luke Skywalker and R2D2, Batman and the Batmobile, or Captain Kirk and his starship Enterprise.


The campaign was played out as a multichannel campaign on all social channels and offline. For this purpose, we defined a uniform campaign design. The modern and simple black design was used on all channels. For each image, a detailed shot of the iGo neo on a black background was used so that the curiosity of the target group was aroused.

To do this, we accompanied the images with sayings about the world's most famous man and machine teams, such as "What would the Batmobile be without Batman?" or "Where would K.I.T.T. be without Michael Knight?" So the images acted as teasers, gradually leading up to the world premiere of the iGo neo.


The special feature of this campaign was mainly that we were able to address a large amount of our target group without using budget and thus got attention to a major innovation in intralogistics – the iGo neo. In addition, we were able to master the challenge of designing a B2B campaign emotionally. With a remarkable number of impressions on social media, we were able to significantly strengthen the client’s branding. Many users interacted with the campaign content so we were able to ideally build up the excitement of our target group and still got quite a bit of interaction out of it on our social channels. In addition, the campaign was able to arouse the interest of the press, so that representatives from a various number of countries came to the world premiere of the iGo neo and spread the word.

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