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Starlab Golden Racks Campaign

Project Summary

A celebration campaign for Starlab where we focused on a lifestyle theme and combined science with the trendy theme of upcycling.

Project video

About the Project


For this unique campaign, we wanted to encourage customers to get involved while imprinting a sustainable mindset.The idea was born to turn the Starlab pipette boxes into a stylish do-it-yourself product that anyone can easily implement. In this way, we were able to combine a scientific product from Starlab with a modern lifestyle idea. The idea was based on our target group research, which surprisingly showed that there is a not to be despised overlap between lab assistants and interior and lifestyle lovers.


To implement the Golden Racks campaign, we needed someone who knows about upcycling and do it yourself and can bring it closer to the customer. The influencer @schereleimpapier specializes in Do-it-yourself and interior projects and also has almost 24,000 followers. With her DIY tips and tricks, she took the customers by the hand and showed them how to make something cool out of the Starlab pipette box, for example a jewelry box or a plant stand. This is how we managed to turn a consumer item from the lab into a design object. 

For the campaign, we also published the Golden Birthday Blog, because the campaign was themed around Starlab's 20th birthday. The blog was built chronologically and got a reduced but chic design. With large images, the use of Starlab fonts, subtle blue and yellow accents in the Starlab design and Starlab as the author of the blog, we managed to create a lifestyle blog that did not take Starlab out of focus. 

On Instagram, we also focused on stylish, beautiful images and the do it yourself theme while keeping a consistent image concept.


With the Golden Racks campaign and the motto "Science goes Lifestyle," we were able to establish Starlab as an approachable brand and thus spread it outside the core target group. That way we reached a great amount of Instagram users and have also managed to inspire the B2B users to actually participate in the campaign.

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