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Starlab CI Relaunch Campaign

Project Summary

To launch the new Starlab CI on all of their channels, a social media launch campaign was developed to generate awareness, explain the design decisions, and build a community on the relevant social media channels.

Project video

About the Project


After the CI relaunch, a campaign was realized on social media with a heavy focus on instagram, to access Starlab core target group. The idea was firstly to make the new design recognizable for Starlab and secondly to give existing and new followers added value on the Starlab Instagram channel and build a community.


From the new and colorful design, we were able to create several posts for Starlab's Instagram feed. The focus should of course still be on Starlab's products, but we wanted to move away from a dull scientific image and become more interesting and accessible to our target audience. So we built the Starlab products into the new design and used different types of posts. Among other things, we used three split posts about a product and provided them partly with interesting facts ("You are saving up to 63% plastic with these TipOne Sterile Refills") or catchy slogans inspired by song lyrics ("I'm green labadee labadey"). In this way, we tried not only to arouse and hold the interest of old and new followers, but also to remain in their memories. In the Starlab Instagram stories, which we also played out as ads, we also used the power of curiosity and split the stories into several parts. With a teaser like "You can't always get what you want," we wanted to arouse the viewers' curiosity and get them to watch the rest of the story.


This corporate identity launch campaign brought us long-term success by building a Starlab community. We managed to reach numerous Instagram users and were so successful that we were able to convince many of them to continue following Starlab as well - thanks to our understandable and fun visual language, which we were able to establish with the CI relaunch campaign. Not only did we see a significant increase in engagement, but also many more website visits than before.

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