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Karabag Vans

Project Summary

We sell vans through content marketing and have been working successfully with Karabag for six years.

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About the Project


As Germany's most successful commercial vehicle importer, we support KARABAG with a complete digital marketing strategy - from website to content marketing to advertising. Together, we sell vans (almost directly) via the Internet. Our mission is to position as an expert for van topics. We are responsible for content marketing across all channels, whereby our primary goal is always the generation of qualified leads. 


One of the biggest factors in our work is Karabag's website, which can be used to make contact anytime, anywhere - which is also how we get most of our leads directly through the website. It is based on Typo 3, which gives us a lot of customization options, so we can constantly work to meet the current standard and achieve the best possible results. We regularly run a large number of tests to further optimize layout and design and find optimal opportunities for search engine optimization and conversion tracking.

We have also launched the Karabag Magazine, which combines storytelling and content marketing and positions Karabag as a van and motorhome expert. This way we also make sure to bring search engine optimized texts to the website without readers noticingWe do marketing for Karabag across all channels, so of course social media is part of our work. But a detailed SEA concept and the consistent occupation of the first positions on Google are also part of our service - and our success. 


Through our digital marketing strategy, we have succeeded in spreading and continuously strengthening the Karabag brand in recent years. We continuously ensure the findability of the brand, provide the target group with always up-to-date information and data, and focus on the right target group. In this way, we have managed to ensure that Karabag gains a great amount of leads per year and nearly half of them come from social media marketing. Since we started working with Karabag they have shifted their entire marketing budget to digital media. Not only can we claim an incredible increase in both organic and non organic monthly website visits, but also are able to generate many qualified leads every month.

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